Author: Swarali Kulkarni

By launching its 4th edition of #ShareTheLoad, Ariel has left me awestruck! Read on and I ensure you that it’ll make you feel as emotional and inspired as I am currently feeling…

Ariel India is known not only for its incredible laundry detergent, but also for its year-on-year take on the subject of women empowerment and equality. Apart from washing off the stubborn stains on clothes, Ariel also stands for washing away the societal stains that burden a woman’s overall mental & […]


Top 6 khau-gullys you must visit in Mumbai!

Mumbai has its fair share of fancy restaurants but some of its best food is found in its gullys and streets. Since people belonging to so many cultures call Mumbai home, you can find multiple cuisines on the streets as well. Here are some of our favourite khau gullys in […]