Remove the stain of inequality & #ShareTheLoad now!

Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad movement has been making history all these years with its impact all over the people. It was a movement started in 2015 with a view to change the behavior of the society towards household chores and to curb gender equality when it came to performing such duties. This year it encourages the mothers out there to be the change makers for upcoming future generations.

It was a proud moment when Mumbai Food Junkie was invited for Ariel’s event about their famous campaign called #ShareTheLoad .The campaign speaks volumes and the event was held for communities that were based on moms & digital influencers, and it enlightened us about the issue and the scope of it.

BBDO India has put out this remarkable message in a wonderfully conceptualized advertisement. It depicts a mother who is having a telephonic conversation with her daughter who talks about leaving her job. On asking about the reason why she tells her mother how her husband isn’t well versed with the household chores and hence she has to do everything. This is when the mother realises that if we teach our sons to be equally responsible there wouldn’t be a chance to worry about who does what. That’s how the film encourages mother’s to do their job and nurture their son’s right from the beginning. Check out the awesome film here:

I was personally very dazzled by this campaign because it’s high time we brought this change. Ariel is one brand that focuses on the betterment of the society through various campaigns on digital and print platforms. Especially in a society like ours, we need more initiatives like these which bring a change in the minds of the people. Kuddos Team Ariel!

Being in a family where my mother is the one who goes to work, I think I’m proud to say that my father literally knows to do everything. He will do the dishes when the maid is on a leave, do the laundry, cook amazing food and make sure he takes equal responsibility in the household chores. After getting to know about the #ShareTheLoad movement, I will make sure that my brother is encouraged to do things right from this moment since it will nurture him to become a better & responsible partner in the near future.

I hope that more people out there get this message and be the change that the world needs. It’s high time we give rise to gender equality in the society for a better future and make more lives better and fulfilling! Share this with all the mothers and your friends out there and let’s be the change we wish to see! ☺


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