Box8 launches Pizzaaa! :D Yaay!

So the other day I ordered a few variants in Box 8’s newly launched Pizza Menu. Well pizzas never go wrong when you are hosting a house party right? 😉 And since I was too bored with the old-fashioned pizza brands (read. Dominos) claiming to be tasty and budget friendly, I decided to order Pizzas from my very own favorite Box8.
Almost the pioneers of food delivery and affordable meal boxes, Box8 once again proves to be the best in the department of pizza making and delivery too!

Fluffy and perfectly baked dough, fresh toppings and a lip-smacking Pizza marinara sauce makes Box8’s pizza super duper delicious!

The Meat Eater- When you have Bbq Chicken, Roast Chicken, Spicy Chicken and Chicken sausage topped over a freshly baked pizza base and a flavorful sauce adding on to it, you know it’s going to be amazing! Absolutely a delight for all the meat lovers like me 🙂


All-In Chicken- A bit indianised, this one had chicken tikka, roast chicken marinated in box8’s signature masala, black olives and red paprika in abundance and other exotic veggies. I ordered a cheese blast version of this particular pizza and trust me this was super appetizing and oh so cheesy! One of my favorites already 🙂


Paneer Tikka Pizza- With lavishly piled on toppings of paneer, capsicum, onions and tomatoes, this pizza surely impressed my vegetarian friends. Delightful and cooked to perfection. One pizza all the vegetarians should definitely order!


Flame Thrower- Boy oh boy! This definitely got me throwin’ Flames! What happens when you eat a pizza with generous toppings of Red paprika, spicy jalapenos and capsicum?
You go “Ye pizza spicy hai but superb hai!” Nevertheless, this was again satisfactory and delicious altogether.
All in all, Box8 has come up with delicious pizzas at affordable rates which will make you crave for more! 😀

Flame Thrower

Also a special mention to the delivery, since the pizza arrived hot, neat and intact at my doorsteps 😛
Kuddos team Box8! Launching the new pizza menu and being a tough competition to the other brands in a matter of few months is one commendable job indeed! 🙂



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