Vroom vroom! Make way for Datsun redi-GO!

Being a blogger seems easy on the outside but is way more difficult in real. We are always on the go! Be it client meetings, restaurant reviews or casual networking, we have to be spick and span whatsoever! But you know what makes my daily commute and life more comfortable? Yes! You guessed it right! A car that makes my commute both stylish and comfortable! And when I say these two words in the same line, then how can I miss my recent experience with the all new Datsun redi-GO?! 😀


Recently as a part of my normal schedule and content hunting, I explored places of Mumbai that are known to be inspired by Bollywood. Be it the Sanju Juice from Bunty Juice centre or the famous Chicken Dabang Biryani from Bhaijaanz, we explored it all. Datsun redi-GO is an absolute hero when it comes to comfort. Its roomy interiors let you stretch to your heart’s content. The comfortable seating position and ample amount of leg space make unending long drives more relaxing!

We explored Mumbai’s cuisines and dishes that are inspired by Bollywood and with Datsun redi-GO being our companion for the day, it was one helluva experience. Here are some dishes we tried as a part of our exciting culinary trip across Mumbai.


  1. Gabbar Juice in Bunty Juice centre

2. Dabangg Chicken Biryani at Bhaijaanz


Sanju Baba Juice in Bunty Juice centre

Gogo Master Paavlet at Anda Apna Apna


Teja Double Egg Fry at Anda Apna Apna

Bahubali Naan at Mumbai 90


Bombay, being at its peak monsoon season, I was super sceptical about the entire ride, but to my surprise, Datsun redi-GO made it so seamless and comfortable for us, that we just couldn’t stop admiring the entire features of the car. The Datsun redi-GO comes with a high torque, high performance engine with impressive fuel efficiency which makes it the perfect smart car in the Mumbai rains! How awesome is that?

Mumbai is known for bumper to bumper traffic and thanks to the Rush Hour mode in Datsun, driving in the bustling streets of Mumbai was so convenient and easy, that we weren’t tired at all! With this feature, one can cruise effortlessly even in bumper to bumper traffic with an optimum cruising speed of 5-6 Kmph. Not only this, with the best-in-class features such as ground clearance, space and power, Datsun also excels in its design. While the exteriors are a combination of curves, sharp characters and an ultra-modern look; the interiors have ample roominess and cutting-edge style.


All in all, Datsun redi-GO is just the perfect car designed for Mumbai roads and the people who are always on the go! The Datsun redi-GO is totally created to suit both your comfort and your safety. The responsive power steering in Datsun redi-GO makes it a perfect car for all those who love taking things under their control! Quite literally! With the seamless steering control at low and high speeds one can definitely enjoy a confident drive.

Want to know how I explored the city with my Datsun redi-GO?  Click here to watch the entire vlog! 😀 Also, if you want to schedule a test drive or know more about this awesome car’s features, visit https://www.datsun.co.in/


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