Enjoy discounts on food & shopping brands with the Phoenix Gourmet Card!

Being Mumbai’s hottest shopping destination, Phoenix Marketcity has recently come up with a card that’s not only cost-effective but also a treat to all the foodies out there!

Introducing the Phoenix Gourmet Card- Your one stop solution for all the offers & discounts on food & beverage outlets at Phoenix Market city Kulra. That’s not all! You get tons of benefits too, viz. shopping vouchers, movie tickets and special invites to concerts & events. How cool is that? Being an outgoing person myself, I end up spending a lot of money on food by the end of the month. Thanks to the Gourmet Card, I just have to invest one time, and boom! Discounts galore everywhere!

And what’s with the discount you ask? Well well, you can enjoy upto 30% off on your favorite restaurants at Phoenix Market city Kurla.

The massive destination mall has crafted ultimate foodie benefits, bringing together several marquee restaurants, bars and cafes to offer mind-boggling spread of cuisines, exotic beverages and drinks at unbeatable prices when coupled with the Phoenix Gourmet Card. It doesn’t get more delectable than that! 😀


About the Card:

You can buy the Phoenix Gourmet Card membership for a period of one year and enjoy a host of benefits to indulge in gastronomic sins, not once, not twice but as many times as you like for 1 full year!

The great thing about this membership card is that you can use it as many times as you want, without any upper limit on the discount that you can get. The Phoenix Gourmet Card gets you exclusive benefits at some of the key restaurants that Phoenix Marketcity Kurla has to offer, and most of these restaurants are providing discounts on both food and drinks.

The Phoenix Gourmet Card entitles you to get up to 30% off of exclusive benefits on your entire bill, including food and drinks, every time you dine at one of these restaurants at Phoenix Marketcity Kurla namely 212 All Day Café & Bar (Flat 30% off on total bill), Bar Bar (Flat 30% off on food bill), Coffee Culture (Flat 25% off on total bill), Cream Centre (Flat 15% off on the total bill), Pop Tate’s (Flat 15% off on total bill), Punjab Grill (Flat 25% off on total bill), Shiv Sagar (Flat 15% off on the total bill) and much more!

We personally tried the card at PopTates for the first time and we were absolutely mind blown by the discount! With a 15% discount on the total bill, we could relish on some great drinks and food at Poptates without any guilt!


Let’s take another example here: Say you visit Chili’s at Phoenix Marketcity Mumbai on a Friday, and you run a total bill of Rs. 4750 including drinks. If you are a Phoenix Gourmet Cardholder, you are eligible for a flat 25% discount on the total bill, which will amount to Rs. 1187.50, which is a sizeable amount. And guess what, you can visit Chili’s again the very next day and get a Flat 25% discount on your total bill AGAIN! Super cool right? 😀

The goodies do not end there. When you buy the Phoenix Gourmet Card membership, Phoenix Marketcity Kurla further sweetens the deal for you by providing you with complimentary shopping vouchers. You get the following vouchers with the membership:


  • Fashion Brand – Shopping voucher worth ₹ 500
  • PVR Cinemas – PVR Gold Class movie tickets for two
  • Food & Beverages Brand – F&B voucher worth worth ₹ 500


Isn’t it like a win-win situation altogether? So whether you’re a gourmand or prefer a quick bite, whether you enjoy experimenting with new dishes or indulging in tried-and-tested fare with your food, there are a variety of options to tickle your palate with, at prices that will make you go wow!

Your Phoenix Gourmet Card is just a click away- Click here to get your hands on the card and the hottest deals at Phoenix Marketcity! 😀



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