Dshh Dshh Dhadoom!

Dhadoom launched it’s 5th outlet at Matunga and we’re about to give you an insight of its grand opening! 🙂

A young and fun restaurant by Celebrity Chef Harpal Singh, Dhadoom opened the door of it’s 5th outlet on 18th January and offered Poutine at just Rs. 9/-, this was definitely a crowd puller!

For all those who don’t know what poutine is, Poutine is basically a dish originating from Canada consisting of French Fries and cheese curds topped with brown gravy. To give a desi tadka to some classic poutines, the chef served three of their best flavors in the offer; Chaupatty Chatpata with flavour of our favorite Bombay Chat, Lebanese Fries topped with lots and lots of cheese and Paneer Chilli consisting of thick and spicy paneer chilly gravy and paneer cubes. Our peeps at Matunga were so eagerly waiting to jump and hop on to try these mouthwatering Poutine, that the management had to prepone the offer from 2 pm and opened the gates at 1:30 itself! Hats off to the quick response time and the great hospitality. 

The Matunga outlet on the other hand, is a combination of bright red and yellow on the outside with really pretty and quirky interiors. You are welcomed by the very famous Hulk holding a large portion of the Dhadoom fries at the entrace of the outlet. As you walk inside the outlet a counter with the most sweet and humble staff greets you to take your order. They have a huge variety of fries and quick bites which are also available in Jain options. How cool is that? Apart from this, Dhadoom also has the funkiest dishes on their menu and to add on, there’s a section of desserts that’ll definitely give you a sweet tooth! 😉

The event had tattoo artists and crazy mascots to keep the lovely crowd entertained while they waited for their turn to get a hand on the awesome saucy fries! Chef Harpal Singh made a surprise entry to the outlet in the evening and had a fun conversation with everyone around clicking selfies and doing his signature step ‘namak shamak’ with the crowd. This was totally our favorite part.

All in all, we had the most amazing time eating the flavorful poutines, getting tattoos done, shaking a leg with the mascots and interacting with the most talented – Chef Harpal! 🙂

Dhadoom is a must visit if you are looking for a fun time with friends and family over quick bites and quirky food. Team MFJ definitely recommends Dhadoom to all our readers!

Co-written by: Ankita Khetwani & Swarali Kulkarni



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