Eatigo- Eat all you want at 50% discount or more!

In most Metropolitan parts of the world, hanging out with colleagues and friends usually revolves around watching movies, dining out or exploring the city.

In fact the movie and dining culture in 2018 is so popular, that you end up spending a major chunk of your salary and savings in just eating out! 😛

Enter year 2018- Gone are the days where people would ring up their favorite restaurants and make reservations. Rather, the best way to make dining reservations now are online, either through apps or the restaurant’s booking services itself. This reality stayed true to me until I discovered the smartphone app Eatigo! 🙂 Being an ardent foodie, the very mention of the word ‘discount’ in their description enticed me and I immediately downloaded the app.

Eatigo is a genius of a FREE app that helps you save up to 50% while dining out at restaurants! The best thing about Eatigo is that it helps diners by offering them incredibly valued meals and also helps restaurant owners maximize their “off” hours by making it enticing for customers to book & dine during these odd hours.

So it’s really a win-win situation for everyone! 🙂

This is how the time-based discount app works:

You download the app which is FREE on both iOS and Android.

Browse through 100+ restaurants in Mumbai on the list. They are grouped into categories like “trending”, “brunch-o-clock”, etc. Eatigo is also categorized by location. (eg. Andheri west, Lokhandwala market, Colaba etc.)

You click your restaurant of choice, no. of pax, and the date you want to go. Then here’s the gold mine: You discover that just by eating at different time of the day, you can get discounts from 10% to 50% off the menu!

Book your restaurant, enter all the required details and hola! Within minutes, you’ll receive a confirmation!

Once at the restaurant, the discount is automatically applied to your food orders when you receive your bill at the end of your meal.

I recently tested Eatigo myself when i was going to catch up with a dear friend. We visited Lume in Andheri which is a popular multi-cuisine restaurant. On the very same day I discovered that just by eating an hour earlier than noon, we can go from a discount of 10% to 50%. That’s huuuuge savings, so it was a no-brainer to adjust to that! Well, who doesn’t like discounts right? 😛

We ordered these dishes and oh boy we got a whopping discount on the bill.

Paneer Makhani Naan Pockets
Paneer Chilli Tacos
Aureole Supreme Nachos
Sizzling Brownie with Vanilla icecream

All in all, Eatigo is one app that every foodie must download to save some moolah! From epic dining deals to fast reservations, Eatigo is one app that I definitely recommend to all my readers!


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