Unbox Happiness with Flicbox! :)

Gone are the days of traditional chocolate shopping or being all confused about what imported chocolates one should buy from their local store. Be it getting chocolates from duty-free or getting tricked with fake imported chocolates, let’s face it! We have had it all! :\

Enter year 2017, where a new startup entered the food market- FLICBOX!

Headed by three talented individuals from different educational backgrounds, this startup is already doing wonders in the F&B market. The sheer passion and love for entrepreneurship and all things chocolate made them think of this innovative concept called FLICBOX!

Now you ask me what’s this Flicbox thing I’m raving about? Well well, it’s India’s first monthly chocolate subscription box that delivers handcrafted and imported chocolates right at your doorstep! To top it all, you can also personalize or customize these boxes based on your choice and preferences. Oh! Not to forget they also deliver the best homemade chocolates too!

Being India’s first international and gourmet chocolate subscription service, Flicbox serves upto 15,000+ pincodes in India. Here’s how it works:

1.Choose Your Plan: Here you have to choose your monthly cycle wherein you get an option of 3,6 and 12 months respectively of mini, medium or giant subscriptions. Additionally, if you wish to pause your subscription if you are traveling or if you are out of town for some reason, then you can freely inform Team Flicbox, and they’ll take care of the rest! 🙂

2. Box Curation: The super energetic and talented team at Flicbox curates a box based on your preferences. These chocolates are carefully curated based on your likings and dislikings.

3. Delivery: Once you decide on a date, your Flicbox reaches your doorstep at a suitable time with a prior notice to you 🙂

See that’s it! Just three simple steps to getting your taste buds treated to the best gourmet chocolates ever! 

Oh! There’s a good news for all the health freaks and diet conscious people reading this too! Flicbox has recently come up with a Diet Flicbox which includes up to 250 gms of healthy/diet chocolates worth ₹1500/box. (this is applicable to a 1 year subscription). Isn’t that awesome? You can enjoy guilt-free or you can just gorge on those delicious chocolates without worrying about the extra calories. That’s definitely everybody’s favorite indulgence!

All in all, Flicbox undoubtedly stands true to it’s tagline “Unbox Happiness”. The minute you open it, you know there’s happiness waiting for you in that classy purple box. Being an ardent chocolate lover, we at Team Mumbai Food Junkie absolutely recommend FLICBOX! It’s definitely a boon for all the chocolate lovers out there! 😀


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