Go Cheese Factory Visit! :D

Go Cheese recently organized a factory visit in collaboration with Femina India to their cheese factory at Manchar,Pune.


The very mention of cheese makes me happy and the moment i read the mail about the cheese factory visit, my happiness knew no bounds! We assembled at Bandra Kurla complex for a pick up where we were escorted by the responsible staff of Go cheese and Femina to our respective seats. From the very start itself, we were thoroughly taken care of 🙂

After reaching Manchar, which is a few kilometers away from Pune, we were then directed to a small hall , specially designed for the event.
Here we were introduced with the history and evolution of Gowardhan and Go Cheese as a brand. The top- brass and dignitaries of the company were there to welcome us, and made sure that the event was comfortable and informative.


We were then directed towards their milking facility where we were shown how the exact procedure of milking takes place. Strict hygiene standards and tests are conducted on every sample which comes out of the factory. Hygiene and the health of about 1000+ cows are of utmost importance for Gowardhan and Go. Necessary precautions are taken to maintain both the criteria.


After a brief about their milk factory , the tour guide then took us to the much awaited Cheese Factory.
Here we were showcased the brilliant and mind boggling facilities and equipments which manufacture & process cheese into the different variants. Knowing what happens to your food before it reaches your kitchen is so damn fascinating! 😀 I thoroughly enjoyed every part of the factory tour.


“Go” is derived from Gowardhan and has a dual meaning – apart from resonating with the Sanskrit word for “cow”, it also embodies an energetic spirit with the act of going. The brand name therefore synergises well with the attitude and beliefs of the young generation of today!


Go has the finest and the most delectable range of milk and milk products which include Cheese slices, cheese wedges, nacho cheese sauce, Flavored milk, Lassi, Cottage Cheese, Mozzarella cheese, Ghee and what not! You name it and they’ll have it!

Thank you Go cheese and Femina India for an amazing experience altogether. Visiting a cheese factory being an ardent food junkie was always a part of my bucket list! 😀 You made my dream come true. Thank you 🙂



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