Instant noodles are fried before packing!? Say whaaaaat? 😱

Instant noodles have always been a childhood favourite, but I recently discovered that they are deep-fried before packaging. Now apart from the fact that it’s made of maida, filled with preservative – it’s also DEEP-FRIED! Yes, you heard it right!

When I seek an alternative to a quick, affordable, healthy but still tasty alternative, only Masala Oats comes in mind. It is available in so many different flavours from Italian to Chinese. I generally opt for Saffola Masala Oats because its renowned, has 75% lesser fat than instant noodles & calorie controlled.


Taking care of the Indian palate, Masala oats are bursting with flavor! Made from 100% natural whole grain oats & real vegetables, these are definitely one of the best & tastiest way to stay fit!  . Definitely, the next best snacking option – much healthier than the low fat instant noodles that are deep-fried and take a toll on your healthy lifestyle!

Oats are high in fibre & protein which keeps you fuller for longer, control your hunger oangs and help your manage your weight too! Safala Masala Oats are no doubt a healthier and a tasty instant snacking option! 

 Definitely switching to oats now. Some fun recipes to make oats eating even tastier:


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