Let’s Call For A Repeat! :D

The making of whisky is a long and adventurous story. From it being called the ‘water of life’ to it’s glorious attempts of satiating our taste buds, Whisky is one drink that needs a repeat for sure! 😉
And when I talk about ‘repeat’, what better way to celebrate the existence of whisky than Repeat Whisky itself! 😁
We recently got a chance to know what goes behind the making of India’s most sought after whisky brand and how one can make the most of Repeat Whisky in their various cocktails and concoctions!
Repeat is a premium blended grain whisky that provides a unique and smooth taste to the palate.
 Slight hints of toffee and vanilla can be noted in every sip!
The aroma, however, has clear tones of peated malt character of Western Islands of Scotland!
Repeat Whisky comes straight from the best Indian malts and the finest Scotch! These blended with the rich and luxuriant taste of toffee, caramel and vanilla make for the best whisky brand ever!
 The velvety and rich taste of this whiskey definitely calls for a #Repeat! And we couldn’t stop repeating these soothing cocktails made by the experts of the Repeat team!
Here are some exclusive hand crafted cocktails that we couldn’t resist at all
And why repeat if you may doubt? That’s because all good things in life #CallForARepeat! 😉
Repeat Whiskys bring out the best in you and makes you go like
“Ye toh party ki jaan hai!” 🙋
Brings out a lively and a fun-loving vibe altogether! Definitely a must pick for your house parties or infact any occasion! It’s just perfect for every celebration! 🍷
Repeat Whisky deserves a big thumbs up from Team Mumbai Food Junkie!
Grab your bottles now! 😉

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