Let’s make cooking seamless with Siemens! ☺️

With Siemens, it’s a mix of fresh food, passion, sleek modern design and innovative technology that makes a great meal for your guests!

We were recently invited to The Siemens Experience Centre  to get a hands on experience and a live feel of their seamless built-in appliances. The entire concept is a great idea altogether because you as a customer can test or experience your appliances right in front of your eyes. The Centre also gives you an idea about the space requirement and a live demo of cooking can also be arranged.

The space is brilliantly set up with a range of luxury products providing you a hassle-free and an enjoyable cooking experience.

We started off with the cookies in their smartly designed ovens. The range of Siemens ovens boasts of unique features like TFT color-touch display, 4D Hot Air, varioSpeed, coolStart and activeCleaning for ease of cooking and cleaning. All these features totally make cooking much simpler and more relaxing!

The cookies once baked, were cooled conveniently due to the telescopic ray’s technology that Siemens oven provides.
Later, we tried the Domino Hob to cook Pakodas, Stir fried vegetables and Barbecue Chicken. Umm, confused on how all of them were cooked on one hob? 😯 Let me tell you how!

The Domino hob has a Barbecue Grill, Teppan Yaki and a deep fryer all in one which occupy a total space of 30cms each on every hob. This hob is a must buy for all those who love throwing house parties and can’t wait to pamper their guests with home-cooked food! 😊

The best part was the Teppan Yaki, which is a flat silver platter, more like a “modernized tawa”, which can be used to cook multiple things. Right from cooking vegetables to giving the tadka, this feature is superb!



We then went to Super convenient steam oven section where we cooked up some Dhokla and Rice. With clever design functions, one can cook multiple things at a time in these ovens. Awesome isn’t it? ☺️

All in all, the entire experience was great and we learnt how Siemens has evolved with technology and brings out the best experiences for the consumers. With clever and innovatively designed functions, Siemens built-in appliances make cooking much simpler and relaxing.



In other words, Siemens appliances infuse a new kind of convenience that will turn around your kitchen into a space with unforgettable experiences ☺️



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