Make way for Air Lounge! 🙌

Adding it’s charm to Mumbai’s unique nightlife is yet another lounge located right in the heart of suburbs!
Wonder which lounge am I talking about? It’s none another than Air Lounge Malad!


Located bang opposite Infinity Mall and easily accessible via all the prime roads and modes of transport, the rooftop open air lounge is an experience by itself! With an ambiance that redefines the meaning of comfort, you can come here after a hectic day and just unwind with their crazy  collection of Sheeshas and flavors.
The servers ask you for your preferences and give you the best sheesha they can make!
Also, the very moment you step in, you can’t stop going gaga about the blue & white themed ambiance.


The entire place has an overall relaxing and cozy vibe.
The Air lounge team makes sure that you are comfortable from the very start.


With foot tapping music on one side and a refreshing blend of sheesha on the other, you experience the best!
The blue & white themed ambiance makes the place look both elegant yet modern.

Air lounge serves you a crazy collection of sheeshas as mentioned earlier. From regular flavors to exotic ones, you name it and you get it! Super refreshing I must say!


Oh yes, and since we are in the month of Ramadan, they have an offer going on till Eid where you get to enjoy their sheeshas at Rs. 500 only! How cool is that? 😀


This place is splendid in all the seasons. The rainy season being the best, as you can actually see the clouds and the downpour. Oh so lovely! 😍
With proper ventilation installed to cool you off after a tiring & hectic day, Air lounge values it’s guests like no other!

What makes Air lounge best is it’s entire team. From the cooks to the DJs, they make sure you have an enticing experience. Kuddos to the team and yes; Foram too! :*


Also, Food is one aspect that we cannot miss out here. There are certain lounges which just focus on their drinks and sheeshas, but Air lounge makes sure that the food served to you is on point. With a delectable mix of Italian, Mexican and Indian food, Air lounge totally impressed us with both the presentation and the taste.
The must haves here are the Paneer cream cheese roll, Pink Penne pasta and nachos. Super delicious and affordable at the same time!


All in all Air lounge is one place that thoroughly impressed us and a place that’ll be liked by everyone who’s a major fan of both sheesha and delicious food. Hands down one of the best and super affordable lounges in the suburbs! 🙌




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