7 Maharashtrian delicacies you must order from Faroma this Dussehra!

Dussehra is here and what better way to celebrate than ordering some scrumptious food! By now, all of you know, that I’m a true blue Marathi mulgi by heart and when it comes to Maharashtrian delicacies, the city’s restaurants serve the best food hands down! But you know what’s the best part? I recently discovered this wonderful app called Faroma wherein you can order your favorite food or cuisine from the most iconic and well-known restaurants in the city. Isn’t that awesome? At first, I was quite excited to try the new platform because it gave me tons of choices based on my preferences. But since it was Dussehra, I decided to order some traditional Maharashtrian cuisine! Here are top 7 Maharashtrian delicacies you must order from Faroma this Dussehra:

  1. Vaalache Bhirde from Diva Maharashtracha:

Located in Shivaji Park, this iconic restaurant is known for its traditional Maharashtrian dishes. Vaalache Bhirde was an instant decision because this homemade delicacy is a delicious hit amongst one and all. Vaal cooked with onions, chilly powder and a lot of flavorsome masalas is a simple yet a must try dish!!


  1. Puranpoli from Pandit Puranpoli:

Dussehra is incomplete without Puranpoli and some ghee on top! Had to order this fluffy and delicious Puranpoli from Faroma!

  1. Aamrakhand from Panshikar:
    Another delicacy which is a staple in all Maharashtrian households during Dussehra is Amrakhand! Ordered this from the one & only Panshikar and oh boy this was a delight to my taste buds! If you are a dessert or a mango lover, you must order this!


  1. Mamledar Misal:
    The term “misal” and “mamledaar” go hand-in-hand for sure. The real authentic taste & the spicy zest after each bite makes it a must order dish from Faroma’s Maharashtrian food options. Just look at that red, spicy misal *Salivates*

  1. Shri Krishna Batatawada:
    Batatawada is a staple snack in all households regardless of it being a Maharashtrian snack. But on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra, order Shri Krishna Batatawada for your loved ones and I promise you they will thank you for ages! Located in Dadar, this place has been well-known for years for serving the best Batatawada in Mumbai and thanks to Faroma, we can now eat this delicacy at our house without too much hassle!

  1. Vada Pav, Kharvas and Jhunka Bhaakar from Aaram Vada Pav:
    Aaram Vada pav is a one-stop destination for some tasty Maharashtrian dishes. You name it and they’ll make it! I mentioned these dishes particularly because they are just the perfect snacks to treat your taste buds this festive season! Definitely one of the best in town and something you should not miss!

  1. Maharashtrian Thaali from Chetana:
    Talk about a complete package and Chetana takes the prize! Chetana serves some crazy Marathi delicacies in an exclusive thaali wherein you can enjoy different, authentic & flavorsome Maharashtrian food!

To put it in brief, you can now order all these delicious Maharashtrian dishes seamlessly through the Faroma App. With a five-step ordering process, listed iconic & curated restaurants, and endless offers & discounts, Faroma is definitely one of my favorite food delivery app and would recommend you all to download!

Also, for all my readers who are drooling over the photos and planning to order from Faroma, ย here’s a small token of love for you this Dussehra –ย  use code “NEWUSER33” to get 33% off on all your orders!* Happy Junking!


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