Say bye to tough food stains with Ariel Complete!

With Mumbai hit by a subtle yet pleasant Monsoon this year, all you want to do during the rains is have that garam cup of chai by the windows clubbed with some piping hot vadas or samosas! Totally relatable no?

One such evening, after a nasty day at work and some crazy traffic on the bustling streets of Mumbai, I came home to some piping hot samosas made by mother dearest! 😀

Moreover, spending quality time with your loved ones is actually a luxury these days and with mom coming in early too, she decided to surprise us with some homemade garam garam samosas.

Oh boy that aroma of samosas clubbed with some mint and tamarind chutney is beyond awesome and when the rains are in tow, you know you are going to have a great time! 🙂


Samosas are a staple snack in every Indian home, and when it comes to us, it’s our go to snack during our evening hunger pangs! We just couldn’t stop hogging and gobbling up these samosas and when we tend to have fun and hog non-stop, you know you tend to make a mess too! With food, chutney and sauces spilled all over the table cloth, we knew we are going to have it from mom. But to our utter surprise and shock, mom took it all casually, and asked us to put the cloth in the washing machine.


Mom’s been raving about the all new Ariel Complete these days and she being the ultimate hygiene freak, she immediately used it to wash the messed up cloth after the amazing samosa session. We were still skeptical about the product but whoa! To our surprise, after a good rinse in the washing machine, the stains were removed seamlessly. We just couldn’t believe what happened, because removing tough stains is always a pain. With everyday stains like chocolate, chutneys, sauces, ghee, coffee, tea, etc, being a pain, Mom had found an amazing solution to beat those tough stains. No wonder she kept raving about the amazing features of Ariel all day!

Our binge eating and messing up is surely covered up by the savior in disguise! 😉

Couldn’t have asked for a perfect and hassle-free evening! Loved what you read? Hit a like and share this blog with your moms to make their day! 



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