Tantalize your tastebuds with SugarPlay!

You know you are having an amazing day when you have a bunch of signature pastry and desserts from Sugar Play delivered right at by your doorstep! 😍


SugarPlay is a famous online patisserie with on time delivery that’ll impress you like no other! What makes it special is that the desserts here just break the norm! They are a piece of art present in all shapes and sizes. Each dessert is perfectly crafted by the chefs here and the end result is just plain gorgeous!
The quirky yet artistic design of the pastry here is a delight to the eye.
And it when it comes to the taste, there’s just one word that can define it- *HEAVENLY!*


SugarPlay combines unusual flavors elegantly and the end result is just fantastic.

Take Kokan Opera as an example. Made up of chocolate jaconde, tender kokum cremeaux and honey  cremeaux, this one tasted delicious! The flavours blended so perfectly that I couldn’t stop at one!

Another favorite was the Limewire. A tart & mousse hybrid, this one tasted oh so good! 😍
With hints of dill, this had a melange of green pea custard, lime and blueberry insert that tasted superb!

Talk about unusual flavors, and Original Sin pops up in my mind! With a divine mix of Belgian chocolate, clove ganache, poppy seeds and seasalt caramel, one can’t stop going gaga over this too good to be true dessert! 😍


Chef Amit Mehta surely knows how to bring the best out of the most simple ingredients.


Kuddos team SugarPlay! 🙌


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