Top 6 khau-gullys you must visit in Mumbai!

Mumbai has its fair share of fancy restaurants but some of its best food is found in its gullys and streets. Since people belonging to so many cultures call Mumbai home, you can find multiple cuisines on the streets as well. Here are some of our favourite khau gullys in Mumbai:

Carter Road Khau Gully: Carter Road is a popular spot for young adults and has a lot of popular joints that serve parathas, fries, desserts and much more! The star here is the Carter’s Blue shawarma though. It is a fluffy pita bread wrapped around juicy warm meat and fries served with beetroots and sauce. We also recommend trying out Lassi Te Parrontthe that serves flavour packed parathas that we just can’t resist! Oh and you just can’t miss The J fries when at Carter’s right? 😉

Ghatkopar Khau Gully: The Ghatkopar khau gully is a paradise for vegetarians. It is best known for its dosas that has a loyal following of its own. These are South Indian crepes with heaps of veggies and are tossed in Chinese sauces and is topped with grated cheese. It is served with the traditional coconut chutney and schezwan sauce. Just the sight of it evokes bliss in our hearts! You will also find various joints serving sandwiches, pastas, sodas and many other things around it.


Mohammed Ali Road Khau Gully: We have all made plans to go to Mohammed Ali Road Khau Gully during Ramadan. It is a popular spot for hungry pedestrians and even many Bollywood celebrities swear by it. The tikkas, kebabs, naans and rolls here are extremely popular and are made using the freshest of ingredients. The prices are extremely affordable for the quality of food that you receive. We also recommend trying out the phirni and icecreams here!

Kharghar Khau Gully: During chilly evenings, customers gravitate towards the Kharghar khau gully that serves some of our favourite momos. These eateries whip up light and airy dough and generously stuff it with spiced vegetables, paneer or chicken. These bite sized flavour packed dumplings are then served with rich sauces and chutneys and are very inexpensive. You can also find joints that serve biryani, tikkas, ice cream and more.

Mahim Khau Gully: The Mahim khau gully is paradise for non vegetarians and is one of our personal favourites. It is also the perfect spot for penny pinching foodies. We definitely recommend trying out their baida roti and sheekh kebabs that are served with a touch of chutney. If you are a fan of kulfis, check out Baba Falooda as well!


Juhu Khau Gully: One of our favorites and also a go to place for most Mumbaikars when they crave street food. Get off at Juhu beach and enter it’s promenade to find a plethora of streed food dishes and local delicacies. Be it Pav Bhaji or Bhel Puri or lip-smacking golas, this place has it all! Ohh! Don’t miss trying Cheese Masala Pav and some delicious Pulav here too. Not many know of it, but yes these are dishes that you shouldn’t miss!

All in all, Mumbai is a food lover’s paradise and for us, it was a huge task listing the best khau gully in our favourite city! You think we missed your favourite Khau gully? Comment and let us know! Share this blog with your friends and get going to these awesome and affordable food gems now!


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