By launching its 4th edition of #ShareTheLoad, Ariel has left me awestruck! Read on and I ensure you that it’ll make you feel as emotional and inspired as I am currently feeling…

Ariel India is known not only for its incredible laundry detergent, but also for its year-on-year take on the subject of women empowerment and equality. Apart from washing off the stubborn stains on clothes, Ariel also stands for washing away the societal stains that burden a woman’s overall mental & physical health.

Continuing the conversation on these lines, Ariel launched its 4th #ShareTheLoad campaign, wherein we discovered some startling facts!

Did you know that 71% of Indian women agree that they sleep less than their husband? Shocking right?

Over the last 5 years, Ariel India has raised the issue of unequal division of domestic chores in households like a pro! This year’s campaign speaks about how women compromise on their sleep, thus affecting their overall well-being. Although most members of the family notice how the woman is always on her toes to ensure all chores are done, most often it is not flagged as a serious issue. Sigh! In most households, all chores are still considered to be a woman’s job.

Another survey reveals that most men agree that washing clothes in a machine is the easiest chore for them to begin with. Picking this insight as their core thought, Ariel positions laundry as the first step that men can take towards sharing the load of household responsibilities.

From launching the first campaign in 2015 to #ShareTheLoad 4.0 campaign in 2020,  Ariel India has kept its promise in championing the cause and raising the bar every single time.

Such an initiative coming from a brand can be termed as a flash in the pan, a one-time thing done purely for marketing purposes. However, Ariel has stood by the campaign and shown its commitment to transforming the scenario in every Indian household by providing incredible insights and actionable solutions.

Watch the beautiful brand film here:

In the face of the global Coronavirus pandemic, everyone is now at home. This has increased the pressure on every woman as she now has to work through the day and her me time has been compromised. For working women, the situation is no less stressful. Juggling between office video calls, household chores, making meals, ensuring the kids are doing their online learning – there seems to be no break. At trying times like these, Ariel raises yet another solution in the form of #WorkForHome, urging other members of the family to step up and take ownership of some chores.

I was personally moved by the representation of this truth, that I myself had overlooked for many years. It’s time we start to #ShareTheLaundry and eventually #ShareTheLoad so everyone in the house is healthy, happy and gets equal sleep.





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