Make Way for Baleno Wicked Weekends!

NEXA presents Baleno Wicked Weekends! When I say this, I can totally recollect that amazing time I had at India’s Longest Party Marathon! What exactly is Baleno Wicked Weekends? Why is it the talk of the town? Well well, for people who don’t know about it, they should totally start catching up on things to do this weekend list! 😉

Maruti Suzuki’s premium channel– NEXA, and an offering from the global content company ZEE – ZEE Live, kick started India’s longest party marathon with Baleno Wicked Weekends. The initiative is an attempt by the two heavyweights to reinvent urban nightlife. And when we say this, we mean India’s longest party marathon! 😀 With 40 nights of celebrations across the big party hotspots – Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata and Chennai; India’s Longest Party Marathon truly promises a night like no other.




We visited Mumbai’s very own Tap Resto Bar in Andheri to experience this ourselves! Right from the vibe of the place to the entire ambiance, everything was brilliantly put together. Living Foodz, the lifestyle partner for this marathon, made sure that there were no complaints about the food and beverages! We just couldn’t stop at one dish. They made us go gaga over the specially curated menu:

  1. Dark Relish: Succulent chicken pieces tossed in a tangy and irresistible peri peri sauce made for a perfect start. This appetizer was so good, that we gobbled this up in seconds!


  1. Iconic temptation: Standing true to it’s name, this dish was absolutely tempting! With the slight tequila grill and a perfect marinade, the cottage cheese dish was oh so good! 😀


  1. Mettle Crunch: The classic Fish & Chips with a Baleno & Living Foodztwist! 😉 These deep fried fish fingers with French fries were an absolute show stopper. A complete delight for all the seafood lovers for sure!

Apart from the food, we enjoyed some of their delicious mocktails as well. Take “Bold Potion” for instance. With a little bit of Peach syrup and lemon juice mixed in perfect proportions, this mocktail was absolutely refreshing and a treat to the taste buds! Absolutely refreshing!!


The music curation at Baleno Wicked Weekends is one thing that deserves a big mention.. The stage saw Zenith and DJ Clement take over the decks for this edition and their music took us on a journey that made the night an all rounder.

During our experience, we couldn’t stop going gaga over the foot-tapping and electrifying music of DJ Clement and Zenith. Known for their stupendous international gigs, these musicians made the audience dance into the wee hours of the night.


All in all, NEXA’s Baleno Wicked Weekends brings out the best of food, lifestyle, music and nightlife under one roof! India’s Longest Party Marathon promises an experience like never before! Baleno Wicked Weekends defines urban nightlife! 😀



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