Box8- Kyuki hum desi hai aur videsi bhi ;)

Box8 surely knows how to pamper it’s regular customers and by saying this I mean that it knows how to take regular feedbacks and suggestions regarding it’s menu and the delivery 🙂 Amidst the mixed reviews about their food and their delivery, I can proudly boast that Box8 is one of my favorites when it comes to eating videshi khaana with a desi twist or the other way round! 😀 No complaints whatsoever! I was one of the few bloggers selected by Box8 to review the new additions to their existing menu! 😀 Mr. Joy made all the possible arrangements to make my experience complaint-free 🙂 The food arrived from their Chembur outlet and was quite quick 😮 All thanks to their “sooooperman” 😉 Ok so coming down to the food: Joy requested me to try the veg & non-veg variants in Biryani and Salads menu. So I settled in for the following: 1. Murg Dum Biryani – It basically had marinated chicken chunks tossed in Basmati Rice. These two blended quite well and were cooked to perfection! The rice was topped with caramelized onions which enhanced the typical sinful biryani aromaaa *_* Totally recommended! 🙂 image 2. Firangi Sabz Biryani- It had marinated Paneer pieces in tikka masala along with exotic veggies. Also topped with caramelized onions, this biryani was a stunner too! 😀 image 3. Farmer’s Market Salad- Exotic veggies tossed in a lip-smacking salad dressing which was quite similar to the sauce which they use in their wraps. Totally stands by it’s name! Farm fresh and a complete bliss 🙂 I personally liked this salad over the non-veg salad tbh. image 4. Char Grilled Chicken Salad- Char-grilled Chicken pieces tossed in a dollop of Box8 signature sauce which is slightly similar to mustard and a tikka sauce combined. It had jalapenos, olives and other fresh exotic veggies too! Super delectable 😀 image 5. Chocolate Mousse & Moong Daal Halwa- These two desserts were served too. And like my early reviews, I too went gaga over the desserts from this outlet *_* Chocolate Mousse was slightly a mix of dark chocolate and milk chocolate here. One bite and you go ‘yeh toh kabhi khatam he nahi hona chahiye’ 😛 Moong daal ka halwa reminds you of all the times you have missed your mom’s moong daal halwa and she wasn’t there to cook it. Now I know whom to call when I crave for maa ke haath ka halwa :’) image All in all the meals were super delicious and sumptuous! And yes pocket-friendly too 🙂 Undoubtedly the perfect place to order your food from when you have those mini family get togethers or when your mom skips cooking and still you want to eat ghar ka khaana 😉 Suits everybody’s palate! And by everybody, I mean each and every family member 🙂 Right from your Naani to your little bhaai 🙂 image Kuddos to the Box8 team! These new entrants are going to steal the show for sure 😀 For more food related posts and pictures follow my food blog “Mumbai Food Junkie” on WordPress, Instagram and Facebook 🙂


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