Let’s go QUENCH’in! :D

The Quench that we see today, is a result of the hardwork and dedication of two college friends. It’s a living example of how consistent hardwork pays off! 🙂

“Let’s Quench!”
“Let’s go quenching!”
Yes that’s how Quench is synonymous when I want to go out for drinks.
Bus naam he kaafi hai! 😉
But can a all-day-pub serve you good food?
Well “good food” is an understatement when you consider Quench!
The food here is AWESOME. Yes! A plain AWESOME!
And when I was invited for a tasting session at their newly opened outlet at Juhu, I couldn’t be more ecstatic!

Located near Costa Coffee, this place is not that difficult to locate.

The first step inside and you are left awestruck! *_*
From lovely quotes adorning the ceiling to the unique lighting made up of empty beer bottles, Quench is a complete stunner!
IMG_0569 IMG_0565
We had a special blogger’s menu set up for us & we ordered the following:


Cheese Chilli Toast– Slightly toasted bread cut into triangles and topped with a generous amount of cheese and capsicum bits. This was one of my favorite dishes and I couldn’t stop digging into it! Super delicious and ohh soo yummy! *_*
Now I know why other bloggers go gaga over the Cheese chilli toast at Quench.


Mediterranean Chicken– The marinade and the succulent chicken blended perfectly. Flavorful and a complete delight to the palate.


Butter Garlic Prawns– Super scrumptious and delectable, these prawns were a perfect mix of crunchy and melt-in-the mouth texture *_* The butter garlic sauce was heavenly! Can serve as a perfect side dish for your drinks.


Herb & Paprika Chicken– Quench has by far the BEST Paprika sauce I have ever tasted!
The tender chicken pieces were cooked to perfection and blended perfectly with the sauce.
Get ready for a taste of heaven! *_*
Neither too spicy nor too bland, just the perfect paprika chicken which will make you come back for more.
One dish you shouldn’t miss at Quench.

Cocktails: We got our hands on two of the cocktails from the menu -Snake bite and Beach island ice tea.

Snake bite was basically a generous dousing of Red Wine paired with Tequila and Lime cordial. The red wine acts as a robust base while the tequila and lime cordial provide that zingy bite to the cocktail. Aptly named!

Beach Island Ice Tea, A pumped up mix of Tequila, Gin, Vodka, Rum and Triple Sec, this particular cocktail was super refreshing and a perfect example of how a great cocktail should be made. Loved it! 😀

Main course:

Burgundy Pasta– The burgundy pasta is the child that a marriage of the Alfredo and Arabiatta sauces make, and yes! Quench served it with the precise balance between the two, yet again 😀
Served with garlic crostini, this dish was quite wow inducing!


Chilly Dilly Sizzler: This dish was served with noodles and was cooked in a Chinese gravy with a strong Ginger-Garlic aftertaste! Sumptuous and flavor-packed altogether.

Desserts: Ladies and gentleman… The *star of the evening* award goes to the BEER Infused Chocolate Brownie! 😀

This was hands down a stunner! Not your regular sizzling brownies, but a brownie infused with beer in it. How awesome can you get Quench?
One bite and PARA-PARA-PARADISE! *_*
With slight hints of beer in the chocolate sauce too, the sizzling brownie was a gastronomical delight!

Overall Verdict :

Taste: 4.5/5- Super delicious and an epicurean delight! 😀

Ambience & Service: 5/5 – As described earlier, the ambience is funky and takes you this whole new world of awesomeness! A special mention to the music too! As far as the service is concerned, the staff is friendly and prompt in suggesting you the dishes.

VFM: 5/5 The cost for two sits somewhere between 1200-1500, of course with a substantial bit of quenching and munching included. Plus, with that yummy food, Quench is quite a steal! 😀

All in all, Quench strikes the perfect balance between good food and good drinks. One of the few pubs in Mumbai where you can eat and drink to your heart’s content without worrying about the bill 🙂
The perfect place to catch up with your friends and have an amazing time over some good food and drinks.
A big thumbs up to Team Quench!
Mumbai Food Junkie totally recommends Quench! 😀



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